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-September, 21th 2018-

Bruno Barbey: Passages
Magnum Master’s first Chinese comprehensive collection

Author: Bruno Barbey, Carole Naggar
Preface: Jean-Luc Monterosso
Chinese translated by Xu Feng
Published by Beijing United Publishing Co.,Ltd. & Post Wave Publishing

384 Pages
240mm x 275mm
2016 August first edition
Hard cover
350.00 CNY

Quote from The Los Angeles Review of Books:

Barbey is dismissive of “the scoop” as a photographer’s primary goal, yet he has somehow managed to capture many of the world’s historic events, on five continents. …He says he is not a war photographer, yet he ranks highly among those who are.

About the book:

Bruno Barbey travels all over the world for nearly a half century. As an artist and an explorer he witnesses many significant historical events. He preserves the precious memories of all human beings with his honest, delicate and humane photographic language. This book collects more than 300 black & white and color photographs of his, of which there are iconic images of historical events, as well as personal projects. These photographs were taken in many countries and regions, including Italy, France, Portugal, Ireland, the Middle East, Brazil, Poland, Soviet Union, Japan, Cambodia, India, Morocco, China and so on. They form a comprehensive retrospection of Bruno Barbey’s journey.

About authors:

Bruno Barbey, born in 1941 in Morocco. He joined Magnum Photos in 1960. His work is known for the free and harmonious use of colors. He has traveled across five continents and witnessed numerous historical events. Although he does not consider himself a “war photographer”, he put himself in the civil war in Nigeria, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Colombia, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Kuwait and other countries. His work has been published by world’s major magazines and entered in many important museums’ collection. He published more than 30 photography books. He was elected as a member of Academy of Fines Arts of France in 2016.

Carole Naggar, born in Egypt, lived in France until 1987, currently living in New York, USA. She is a poet, an artist, a curator, an educator and a photography historian. She is the co-founder and special project editor of Pixelpress company. She is a regularly contributor of Aperture magazine.

Jean-Luc Monterosso, the founder and director of la Maison européenne de la photographie. In 1980, he created the Month of Photography in Paris and founded Grand Prix Paris Match for photojournalism with Roger Thérond. In 1986 he founded the magazine La Recherche photographique with Christian Mayaud. Since 2011 he is the artistic director of the Mediterranean Photography Festival.