Installation de Bruno Barbey à l'Académie des beaux-arts

-March, 30th 2018-

Bruno Barbey

Alain-Charles Perrot and Bruno Barbey.

Alain-Charles Perrot and Patrick De Carolis.

On the left, Yann Arthus-Bertrand. On the right, Sebastiao Salgado..

From the left to the right, Sebastiao Salgado, Bruno Barbey and Jean Cortot.

Members of the French Academy. April 4th 2018.

Speech of Alain-Charles Perrot to welcome Bruno Barbey.

Bruno Barbey' speech, during his installation.

Gérard Caussé playing Bach prelude.

Jean-Noël Jeanenney, Bruno Barbey and Gilles Brusset.

Bruno Barbey, Jean-Noël Jeanenney and Gilles Brusset

Gérard Caussé playing Bach' preludes.

Jean-Luc Monterosso is taking pictures of Bruno Barbey who is speaking with Bo Gao, chinese photographer.

Caroline Thienot-Barbey, Bruno Barbey' wife.