The MEP exhibition "Passages"

-November 20, 2015-

Bruno Barbey has roamed the world for 55 years, developing his own brand of photojournalism within the Magnum agency. While shying away from news scoops, he has never missed an opportunity to witness History. While working to achieve the correct distance, he has always embraced events with humanity. Ever ready to face the unknown and meet new people, his photos echo these encounters, illustrating the unique journey of a photographer, explorer, and poet, through half a century of history.

The MEP (Paris) exhibition « Passages » presents 55 years of photography and 150 of Bruno Barbey’s photos, in colour and black & white. A retrospective that bears witness to the two aspects of his work, partly photojournalism and mostly personal work.

The exhibition is accompanied by seven films, directed by Caroline Thiénot-Barbey:
Maroc éternel, 2015 (28 minutes)
Pologne, foi de l’impossible, 2015 (20 minutes)
Passages, 2015 (26 minutes)
Apocalypse Koweït, 2014 (5 minutes)
China en Kodachrome, 2012 (18 minutes)
Mai 68, 2008 (14 minutes)
Les Italiens, 2002 (10 minutes)

Visit MEP's website and Bruno Barbey's website for additional information.

This exhibition has been curated by Caroline Thiénot-Barbey and comes with the release of two new books: Passages published by La Martinière (texts: Carole Naggar and Jean-Luc Monterosso) and a rerelease of the Barbey Photo Poche, published by Actes Sud.

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